Coda 73 Opens

Coda 73 Opens

Well…what a year 2016 is turning out to be! With all of our new comrades coming over to join the Coda team, all the fantastic projects we’ve been a part of, from Formula 1 promos and adverts for the English Premier League, to completing two 4k series, at 50fps and full 5.1 mix for international broadcast. We’re very proud to say that we can now officially add the opening of Coda 73 to that list, our second facility based on Charlotte St, Fitzrovia.

With spacious offline suites, all with natural light and offering Avid, FCP or Premiere, we’ve now added Smoke to our rostra of services. Two more audio suites bringing the total now up to 6 dubbing suites, all with their own VO booths. We’ve also added a second Da Vinci grading suite, but this time with a 4K projector and a 9 foot screen!




This is a very exciting time for us, and firstly we would like to thank all of our super-talented, hard-working Coda colleagues that have made all of this possible, and also all of our clients, old and new, for your continuous support!


If you would like to pop over for a coffee and to have look around Coda 73, feel free to drop Steve a line at


Royal British Legion marks The #Somme100

Royal British Legion marks The #Somme100

This Friday marks 100 years since the beginning of The Battle of The Somme, a sobering reminder of the horrors of warfare and for those who fought and lost their lives.

In this film the brilliant spoken word poet, Molly Case, narrates the story of 4 young men who eagerly sign up to fight together for King and Country, and how they believed that the Great War would be over by Christmas.

This is special piece of work that we are so obviously very proud to be a small part of.


4K at Coda

4K at Coda

Here at Coda we keep up with the very latest in video and audio broadcast technology. This meant adapting our hardware, software and infrastructure to accommodate our client’s desire to finish in 4K @ 50fps. 4 times the size of HD with double the frame rate of a usual UK HD delivery, we had to evolve our hardware and workflows to cope with the large data rates a 2160/50fps show demands.

For one particular project we were tasked with mixing, onlining and delivering 2 series of 24 episodes to a tight schedule, running regular review sessions with the client where they were able to monitor in 5.1 and in watch the final pictures, in 2160/50fps, on our new Sony BVM-X300, Sony’s flagship 4K Grade 1 monitor.

We built powerful, bespoke machines which contained the very latest hardware which were capable of running 4K sequences at 50fps, whilst simultaneously monitoring 5.1 audio in one of our calibrated suites.

Keeping everything in house, we are able to send our beautifully encoded MXF OP1a XAVC QFHD through our Auto QC software to ensure it complies with the latest UHD Technical Specifications. This gives us and the client confidence that the files fully comply when it completes its upload.

With our solid machines and tailored workflows, handling 4K material has become second nature to us folk here at Coda. We are proud to be able to offer a hassle free 4K end to end solution handling everything with ease from ingest to delivery.